Sunday, December 11, 2011

Decorating Ears, House, and Hair

The holidays at relatives' houses make for opportunities for Julia to play guitar in front of an audience.

That experience helped when she participated in her first recital. She played "Jingle Bells." Here she is getting set up to play, with help from her teacher.
I made a video of the recital, but the sound is really quiet. This video that I posted last time shows her playing the same song at home.

We spent last weekend putting up the big Christmas tree in the living room, the little one in the kitchen, and all the other decorations throughout the house.

Finn likes to wrestle. One afternoon we both shoved pillows in our clothes and did some massive belly bounces. Skippy, in the background, was the referee.

Julia got her first hair cut in about a year. Her last one was when she decided to get her hair cut short before it all fell out. She also got a pink hair extension.

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