Monday, August 8, 2011

Filling in the Gaps

From post-cancer news to party pictures, there's been little else mentioned in awhile, so I thought I would go through our pictures from the past six weeks and throw some out here that had gotten left behind in all the hubbub.

Julia and a friend fed and checked out the animals at the petting zoo during River Falls Days.

At a Hope Kids events at Como Town (at the Como Zoo), the kids cordially passed each other while driving the little cars around.

Having aunts and uncles around pre-party led to some acrobatic hijinks.

To celebrate Amanda's golden 30th birthday, she had a weekend away. It was a little bit of a downer for her though because I tagged along. You can tell there was a nice breeze on the boat by the way her hair her looks in the picture below, taken while on the dinner cruise on the St. Croix.

We also squeezed in a family weekend before the fast approaching Fall comes around and school starts back up. We went to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre and saw Hairspray. Below is how we looked prior to leaving for the show.

We all had a great time and the kids even got high-fived by the very tall man who played Edna Turnblad. Afterward, we were hanging around in the lobby looking at different things when one of the actresses walked by and asked Julia if she would like to meet the lead actress who played Tracy Turnblad. A few minutes later she came out and talked to us for a few minutes.

We stayed at a hotel that night so we could lounge in the pool. The kids enjoyed eating pizza on their bed while watching TV channels we don't get at home.

We let each of the kids build a teddy bear at the Build-a-Bear store at the Mall of America.
Julia made a rainbow teddy bear that she named Ella.

Finn opted to build a dinosaur instead of the standard bear. He named it Mr. Dino.

We didn't go on any rides (though the kids certainly asked enough times...) but we walked through the park at the mall and we ran into Aang, the character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Julia didn't want much to do with him, but Finn was pretty excited.


Dad Jug said...

Fantastic! -- Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics.....and I can clearly see that Julia has quite a bit of hair now! Woot!!! It will only get better from here :-).


Great Aunt Cheryl said...

Thanks for taking me back to memory lane of all the fun unique adventures we had with our boys. The kiddos look great, so much is stated in those smiles :) Great Aunt Cheryl

carina benson said...

Thats sounds busy! Its also sounds like a lot of fun though too! I am at the hospital right now. I miss my home and my dog, Oscar. My tummy has been giving me some trouble, tomorrow they are having a party with face painting and decorations for your room on the floor so thats something to look forward to! I will write again soon. KEEP SMILING!!