Saturday, June 18, 2011

Face Painting and Food

Last weekend we attended an event at the Como Zoo in St. Paul. It was sponsored by the Oncology/Hematology clinic at Children's Hospital. They had some different games, a meal, music, and of course, the zoo.

The kids posed for me so that everyone could get a decent look at Finn's bat face and Julia's rainbow face.

Here's a picture from later that same day. The kids think it's fun to climb up on the little ledge in the family room. And for whatever reason, they're not wearing pants.

We're now a few years into our strawberry patch. We have two gardens in the backyard and the berries have taken over one of them. The first year we only got a handful of berries. After that we got a few small handfuls a week. This year we had hundreds of blossoms, so we're expecting a big crop. We picked our first one a few days ago and got another handful today.

My dad provided the rhubarb (begrudgingly) and my Grandma Laverne provided the pie (graciously). My mom and and her sister provided the means to get it here (thankfully) so that I could have it. Amanda and Finn aren't fans and I can handle sharing it with one person.

This morning Finn said he wanted a big bowl for his cereal. I knew he meant one of the grownup bowls rather than a kid bowl, but I thought I would surprise him with a giant serving bowl instead. His eyes got momentarily big when he saw it. It was big enough that both kids ate from it.

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Anonymous said...

some day your children are going to pay you back big time! There is usually something in the blog that puts a smile on my face. Thank you, Gr. Colleen