Friday, May 6, 2011

Chillin' at Children's: Day 5 HOME!

The Kauth gals arrived home this afternoon with much jubilation and fanfare! (Both the jubilation and fanfare were from Skippy wagging her tail so hard her whole back half was wiggling.)

We're going to keep pushing Julia on the fluids all weekend since she did have a speck of blood show up in her urine this morning.

You wouldn't know the girl just had ten hours of chemo over the last five days. Ten minutes after Finn was home they were putting on a show for us in the living room. This evening we ran to Target to pick up Finn's pictures, went out to eat, and then stopped for ice cream. Lots of smiles (and some sibling bickering).

We're glad to be all home together again and we're hoping others get to have that soon too. Julia's friend Carina has now spent the last 3+ weeks in the hospital after getting a bone marrow transplant. It sounds like she's toughing it out through the meandering ups and downs. Keep up with her story on her website if you wish. In any case, send her some love and positive vibes!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the wonderful pics. I love the last one with Julia's hat off to the side! Real styling Julia:) Love to all. Gr. Colleen

theolsons said...