Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chillin' at Children's: Day 2

Unlike yesterday's post, I'm going to keep this brief.

We had a long night of peeing, but overall last night went fine.

Julia and I spent some time in the morning in the playroom making paper chains and other decorations to spruce up her door.

Some mid-morning PT spiced things up a bit. Bopping a ball back and forth and playing with other devices hardly seems like work (says the guy who is NOT hooked up to a bunch of tubes).

Julia was pleased to have a visitor today - her (and Finn's) dance teacher, Ms. Jennifer. She brought all the necessary supplies and taught Julia how to knit!

Julia caught on quickly and kept at it after Ms. Jennifer left. After a few minutes, a certain loop stumped her and she took a break from her new hobby and moved on to a very familiar one: drawing.

I moved a chair so that it was looking out the window and she began a sketch of the Minneapolis skyline (a good idea that had been given to her a little while earlier).

There is still a standing rule at Children's (or maybe just the 8th floor) that no visitors are allowed under the age of five. The rule is in place during flu season and right now because of a measles outbreak (I think). I talked to a social worker today to get an exception for Finn. So the final excitement of the day was that Mandy, Finn, and Julia's Grandma Beth came to visit and have supper with us. Julia and Finn were cute together. They sat in Julia's bed, watched TV, ate, and fed each other Fritos.

Compare the above to another similar situation when Julia was in the the hospital last October: Click here for cuteness!

The only medical issues to make note of is that the tiny amounts of blood in her urine have been gone all day and she seems to have developed a stuffy nose overnight last night. The nose has been bothering her off and on all day so she got some Benadryl this evening. It knocked her out pretty fast, but it was timed well enough to let her finish the last few minutes of the movie Spy Kids.

I'm hoping that her slightly lowered fluid intake will mean a few less trips to the bathroom tonight. A few longer stretches of sleep will do her good. I have nothing to complain about - I'll be at home in my own bed tomorrow night.


Dad Jug said...

I love all of you! ~ Grandpa Duane

ms. jennifer said...

i want to order a pair of knitted undersocks...julia's brilliant creation of underwear for socks!