Saturday, April 23, 2011

If You Can Read, You Can Do Anything

If you can read, you can do anything. Julia has that on a sign on her bedroom door. When I first said that to her a year ago, her response was, "Even fly?" She had a smug look on her face and she was having fun trying to get the best of me by being super-literal. Lately she's been devouring chapter books one after the other; sometimes two in one day.

She'll carry a book around and find any opportunity to read.

With the weather warming up (then cooling off, but soon to be warming up again), the kids are getting more opportunities to be outside. Lately they've been into making fancy mud pies and drinks with all sorts of things they find laying around outside.

One afternoon, after doing some chalk drawings, Finn was riding around on his tricycle on the driveway (he was on a two-wheeler with training wheels last Fall, but wanted the three wheeler instead). I recorded him and he treated me to two songs with lyrics consisting of things he likes to do. At just after 3:30 on the video, he almost falls off during a turn. The look on his face was hilarious!

Julia has been feeling pretty well except for a nasty, throat-hurting cough that lasted a few days. Her blood counts were a little low this past week, but it was expected. They should be higher when she gets them tested again on Tuesday. The following week, the first week in May, she'll be in the hospital for her last inpatient chemo treatment. It'll be nice having that over and done with!

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Aunt Cheryl said...

Finn-Thanks for entertaining me, Cody, & Curt. I think that I'm going to sing like that when I ride my bike now!
Love Aunt Cheryl