Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Days

Big day #1:
Last Tuesday, Amanda and I had our 8th anniversary! We didn't do anything terribly exciting, but it was nice spending time with the kids and each other.

Big day #2:
On Thursday, Finn turned four! He was very excited to make his world famous Finn's Scotcheroos to take to daycare for this birthday treat. Luckily Jamie took a picture because we didn't think to.

We did, however, take some pictures of Finn opening his presents. Most of them were delivered awhile ago and stored in the closet or delivered recently by mail. Finn didn't mind though, he enjoyed opening them on his b-day! And even though he's not smiling in these pictures, he was very excited about everything he got.

The rain finally let up for long enough today to walk over to the park and try out Finn's new Batman kite. It was quite breezy, so it flew really well. Here are videos of each of the kids flying it.

Big day #3:
This one hasn't happened yet. On Monday, Julia goes in for her last planned inpatient chemo in the form of a five-day hospital stay. We're hoping that the week flies by and the only problem we have to deal with is arguments over how much Disney Channel we have to watch.


Jess said...

I love how intent Finn is on his gifts :) Seems like yesterday he and Cea were just little babies!

Anonymous said...

Finn, Looks like you received some great birthday presents. Grandpa Duane and I were very excited watching you fly your new kite. Both you and Julia had it flying high in the sky.
Julia, hope your hospital stay goes well and you get your fill of Disney. Love you all so much, Grandma Beth