Sunday, November 14, 2010


Julia had a ton of visitors to her room at Children's Hospital. People stopped in to do crafts, plant plants, invite to activities, bring dogs to visit, and more. But I think Julia's smile was the biggest when this woman stopped in with all of her musical instruments. And when I showed Julia the video at home, her face lit up and she couldn't contain her smiles. Video was from Thursday, November 11th.

Larger version found here


Anonymous said...

I love it! The video put a big smile on my face. Love to all, Grandma Colleen

Jagodzinski said...

"I have a granddaughter; her name is Julia .... She is so lovely and has so many friends! --- My granddaughter's name is Julia and she loves purple and pink,....." What a great moment to capture and share via You-Tube.So many prayers are being shared... Love, Grandpa Duane

Hoffmans said...

I loved the video! She looks so happy and that is the image I have of Julia everytime I think of her.
I am praying for you all and miss you lots :)