Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seeing Some Side Effects

Julia did great for her first radiation treatment this morning. Soon after we could see that she feeling very lethargic. She just laid around most of the day and didn't have an appetite. After she ended up throwing up this afternoon, I figured out a way for her to take the anti-nausea medicine and then she perked up a bit. She was moving around comfortably and wanted to eat. Two weeks from today is the last radiation treatment and I'm very much looking forwarding to its end already.

A smiling moment from today:
Julia was sprawled out on the couch and feeling really tired. I told her she needed to sit up so that she could eat some crackers. She pretended to try to find her button to raise herself up like she had in the hospital. When she couldn't find it, she said she was trying to find the button to call the nurse. So I held up the palm of my hand and she pushed it. Just then the phone rang. It was Father Jerry from St. Bridget's calling to see how things were going and if we needed anything. Afterward, I told Julia who had called and said that she must have missed the nurse button and pushed the God button instead.


Anonymous said...

I got a huge chuckle out of Julia saying she hit the "God" button! I think she may have done just that :)!

Good thoughts and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Father Jerry knows just when to call. Humor can find a way into any situation when given the right attitude:)


Anonymous said...

When Corey was so very ill as a child, I remember the doctor from the Mayo Clinic remarked to me that modern medicine does it's best with the knowledge it has, but the strongest medicine is the strength the family finds in God and prayer. Love and prayers for Julia! Aunt Diane

theolsons said...

wow, cool