Monday, July 5, 2010

Back on Track - April

After fighting a month-long battle with a computer virus (on both computers), I got behind on keeping up with pictures. After that, my inactivity in blogland kind of snow balled. A few quick blog posts is my attempt to get back on track.

Finn turned three in April.

Some things go beyond a mutl-generational gap. One of those things is the love of donut holes.

And the willingness to fight for the last one. Joking aside, it's great watching Finn and Great-Grandpa Ronnie interact. From early on, those two have had a great time together.

Peace is helping Finn get his truck.

Julia definitely has an affinity for art.


Anonymous said...

glad to see some new pics:) Keep um coming!!!! Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Hooray! So glad to see some new pics! As always, it's nice to play "catch-up" and find out how the RF Kauth family is doing :).


Anonymous said...

Julia, Beautiful picture! Also, Great Grandpa Ronnie will love the pictures with Finn. Love, Grandma Beth