Monday, August 10, 2009

Portland 2009 - Part Two

We got up Friday morning, walked down to a little coffee shop a block from our motel, and then took our drinks with us for an early morning walk on beach.

Then we took advantage of the saltwater swimming pool at the motel and went for a dip.

When Mandy and I were last in Oregon together we really enjoyed exploring tide pools, so we thought we would try to find some for Julia to see too. We checked the local tide times and then headed to Oceanside where we thought we had a good chance of finding some tide pools while the tide was out. We kind of struck out on finding any decent tide pools, but we found a beach that was pretty neat. There was a tunnel on one end of the beach that went straight through the rocky cliff and onto another beach that was only accessible through the tunnel. Three of us, Mandy, Torey, and Julia wrote our names in the sand.

On the bottom of the picture is the entrance to the tunnel.

And this is the exit on the other end.

We found this little indented cave area. Ember walked in to take a look and then yelled out that it was gross. I went in to take a look and sure enough, lots of gross looking bugs.

After saying goodbye to the Pacific Ocean, we headed inland and went back to Portland. We checked into our hotel there (I was also very impressed with this one) and then went out for supper. Afterward we went to Powell's.

Check this link to see more pictures:


Ember said...

I believe a direct quote would be: "EWWWWW!!!" I shudder thinking about those monster-size cockroach -lookin' things. Nice pics, BTW. I may have taken 1 or 2. :)

Jagodzinski said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on the trip. Great pictures! Just wanted to let you know, Finn had a great time with Grandma Beth, WR zoo, visiting with Great Grandparents, and time with Raider, Maggie & Sammy. I tried putting the pictures on a CD, but the computer was not cooperating. Looking foward to visiting and getting Julia's input. Also, finding out what she spent her birthday money on. Love, Grandma Beth