Sunday, July 6, 2008

Casa de Kauth, Vol. 2

Ok, so we're a little behind on getting these pictures out here. Besides the house pictures, there's a smattering of other things thrown in too.

This picture is looking over the kitchen and dining area and up into the living room.

This is the opposite view - looking from the living room down to the kitchen.

This is a shot of the office, and one of the three rooms we painted.

Our, somewhat sparse, bedroom.

Two shots of the family room, from opposite sides. This room is on the lower level, down the hall from the kids' rooms.

Here's Finn's room with his crib. We've got the toddler bed set up in it too. The original idea was that if Julia got scared in her room by herself, she could come and sleep in her old toddler bed and be near Finn. It never happened though. Sometime over the next 6-12 months, Finn will probably try sleeping in it.

Julia chose pink and purple for the colors in her room, which should be no surprise to anyone who knows her. She really likes all the space and her even bigger bed.

We finally made it back out to Willow River State Park a few weeks ago. Here are Mandy and the kids standing in front of the falls.

They also took advantage of the little swimming area available. Finn enjoyed it a lot, even though he just sat in a few inches of water and played in the sand.

A visit from some grandparents provided some great photo opportunities.

Finally two videos.
The first is Finn going down a slide. This also illustrates how good he is on the stairs at home. He goes up then very well and we've taught him to turn around at the top and slide down feet-first on his belly. He slides down them very quickly. You'll see him utilize the same technique for the slide in the video. We were pretty excited that he thought to do it! (Video link.)

This next one is of the kids dancing. Julia enjoys dancing a lot and we had a blast watching Finn get into it too. The video doesn't do it justice because he was watching the camera a lot. (Video link.)


Anonymous said...

those are nice pics of the house. It's amazing how Finn figured out to use his stair descending technique on the slide. I know you don't have to ask Julia twice to dance. She loves it. Finn sure is a charmer for the camera. Keep up the good work. Love to all. Granny (mom) Colleen PS I beat my sis!!!

Torey said...

C'mon now! There's plenty of comment space to go around!

Anonymous said...

O.K., I'm slipping!!! For what it's worth, I was gone until later tonight, so I didn't have a chance to check this out.....then again, I MAY just be catching up to my MUCH older sis!!
Very nice pics here Torey (7 Mandy)...both of your kids are charmers, for sure. Nice house!! Hope you all are enjoying it!! Jayne (up and coming oldster, lol)

Anonymous said...

See, I AM slipping...that should be an "&" sign there instead of a "7"...duh!!! Insomnia is NOT conducive to spelling!! (where is the edit button when you need it??) Jayne.

Amanda said...

Jayne - Did you notice the lovely fruit basket on the island in the kitchen? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy...yes, I did see it and wondered if it was "that one".....looks great, glad it was o.k. (I was kind of worried about that!)...and you are VERY welcome!!! Jayne.