Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Casa de Kauth

Here's a quick video of me walking though our new house. It was made just before we started painting. The video starts downstairs in Finn's room, glances in Julia's room, peaks in the lower-level bathroom, takes a gander down the basement stairs, pirouettes into the family room, clamors up the steps to the entryway, executes a tight turn through the kitchen, flies wide to the stairs leading to the living room, shows a great light-less view of the upstairs bathroom, allows a glimpse of the soon-to-be office, saunters into the master bedroom, and finishes with a shot of the master bathroom.

Over the past weekend, Mandy and I spent about 20 hours painting the kids' rooms and the office. We're happy with how all three rooms turned out and are excited to start moving in the rest of our household this coming weekend. Many thanks to Duane and Beth for coming to watch the kids while we painted and helping us start to move!

Julia came over one evening to check out her partially painted room and to lend (a little) hand. Here's a picture of us, sans Finn.
Oh and FYI, if you ever say "I could care less," you're saying it wrong (or if graphics are your thing). And while we're on the subject, "irregardless" ain't a word.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see all of you and the new house. It looks really nice. Lots of work,but it will be nice when you're all move in. See you Sat. Love to all. Mom (Grammy)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful house!! I'm sure you will all love living in it. How exciting....have fun!!


Torey said...

Thanks to the both! Moving in went pretty good and now we're just slowing unpacking and putting things away.