Monday, January 21, 2008

Under 30 (and holding)

When someone would ask me how old I was turning, I would say that I was going to be 29 and that I'm ok with that, but that I'm not so sure how I'll feel next year at this time. They would usually respond by saying that 30's aren't a big deal. The teller at the credit union even said that 40's are the new 30's. But I'm not sure how much stock I put into what they any of them said because...well, they were all old.

My birthday was on Saturday and my parents came to visit Friday night. I took Friday off of work to see them when they arrived. They stayed with the kids that night and Mandy and I went out for Indian food for the first time and are looking forward to going again. We have a great little theatre in River Falls where you can see nearly brand new movies for cheap and the food they sell is equally as cheap. After dinner, we went and saw the movie Juno, each had candy, and shared a drink, and it only came to $8.25. The only drawback to the place is that after going there I can't justify going anywhere else to see a movie, i.e. if they don't get the movie in town, I won't go see it. If you have a chance to see Juno, we both recommend it. I don't remember laughing out loud that much at a movie in a long time and it was a great story too.

On Saturday my parents took us out for lunch - I got to choose the place. I chose The Winzer Stube, a German restaurant in Hudson. My parents left Saturday afternoon, but not before having a little birthday treat that was all Julia's idea. For her 3rd birthday in August, Julia had pink cupcakes with pink frosting. Several weeks ago, Julia decided that since my favorite color is green, that I needed to have green cupcakes with green frosting. So that's what I got!
Sunday was another busy day. We dropped off Finn at a friend's house and the three of us went to Minneapolis and donated a trunk-full of clothes to Sharing and Caring Hands. From there we took Julia to see Sesame Street Live. She had been looking forward to it for weeks and she was pretty thrilled about it. It took her awhile to take it all in, but she really enjoyed it and it was a fun experience for us too.

So, I had a good birthday weekend...and I could really handle a few more four day weekends too, birthday or not.


Anonymous said...

I went and saw Juno with Aaron Mancl last weekend and I said to him, "Did you know the Kauth family has a blog?" Juno was hilarious.

- Craig C.

P.S. I don't know how I found your blog. But I did. Your kids are getting all grown up.

Anonymous said...

Dad and I both enjoyed our visit alot. Thanks for giving up your bedroom for us. It's always great spending time with you all. I'm glad you two enjoyed your evening out. Love you all. Mom and Dad aka Grammy and Gramppy

Anonymous said...

wowee A Kauth Blog!!!!


Guess who!???

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