Sunday, November 11, 2007

Insulted by a Three Year Old

After we finished reading Julia her bedtime books this evening and were saying goodnight, Julia said "Goodnight cute Mommy". So I asked her, "Well, what am I?" I realized this was slightly dangerous - who knows what a three year old might say. I figured (or maybe foolishly hoped) that she would get stuck on one thing, like little kids are prone to do, and just stay with "cute". That's an adjective I can handle. But no. She replied with a smirk: "Goodnight big, stinky Daddy."

I didn't take offense to it because I knew it wasn't true. The proof is below. As you can see, if I was stinky, Julia wouldn't be sitting so close to me. Plus, there aren't any visible stink lines.

Just to make things fair - here's a picture of the other two people in my family (also no stink lines (We do bathe regularly!)):

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