Wednesday, August 15, 2007


First, to anyone who has visited our previous familial internet enclave, let me explain. UWRF is planning on taking away the ability to use PHP on their users' personal webpages. I started using PHP to help make the process of creating a new page easier and faster while also being able to use some nifty tricks to make the site...well, niftier. I really don't want to go back to static HTML and so instead tried thinking of alternatives. We didn't really want to pay to have the PHP site hosted somewhere else, so we thought a nice free blog like this would do the trick. In some ways it'll be even better. We can post a few new pictures every week and update with some simple info or fun things that the kids (and us) are doing. The info will be more informative and much more up to date.

One nice thing about this setup is that the comments will be commenting directly on what is said. So, unlike a generic guest book, there can actually be somewhat of a conversation going on. all means click the comment link and give it a try!

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