Thursday, August 30, 2007

Growing Fast!

Julia (and parents) are excited to see how grown up Finn is becoming. He is now able to play in Julia's old Exersaucer and really enjoys himself! He spins around in the chair and tries to play with the little toys. Very fun!

Julia and Finn both had their check-ups at the doctor yesterday. Happily, they are both continuing to grow as healthy children. Julia was excited to be part of the main focus again at a doctor's appointment. For the past year, she has been observing Mom at appointments to check on the progress of the pregnancy, then observing Finn get poked and prodded at his appointments. Julia has learned how to be a very well-mannered patient!

I'm sure that you're just dying to hear their stats! Here they are:

Julia surprised us with measurements of 39 1/2 pounds and 39 1/2 inches! That's an increase of 4 1/2 pounds and 3 3/4 inches over the course of one year. She continues to hold her status in the 97th and 95th percentiles!

Finn weighed in at an impressive 13 pounds 12 ounces and 25 inches! Over the past 2 months, he grew 1 1/2 pounds and 1 inch. That's a lot of growing! Interestingly, when Finn was born he was above the 95th percentile on the charts; however, his weight and height are now in the 30th and 50th percentiles respectively. Maybe his body misses all of the extra nutrition from inside Mom's belly and it's difficult to keep up with such a hefty stature in the outside world?!

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Great first blog post Mandy Jean!

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